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Snicki Salutes for BRT Owners as the Buying Ramps Up

28 Jan 2018

BRT strike with Steal

When we sent our wives to the Inglis Classic Sale last year to bid on our behalf who would have thought we would have been lucky to get a city winning 2-year-old with the second purchase of a yearling we made in the BRT colours. It is a team affair and the missing part of the jigsaw was Harry McAlpine from Inglis who rated our selections on type including this girl. 

We go against the tide a little when it comes to purchasing yearlings. We aren't about shooting the lights out with price to get recognised but more put in the hard yards of pedigree analysis in particular. When you buy in our price range you very rarely get pedigree and type. 

Our emphasis on purchasing stock definitely leans towards the pedigree element. If they have the genes they are ahead of the bell curve. Everything in the industry can be related to sport. You don't see many of the greats of rugby league being the best athlete. Examples like Andrew Johns and Cameron Smith ram that point home. 

I would take a small well bred horse over the horse that looks like Tarzan with no pedigree. This though flips on its head when we do the pedigree analysis on the mares. When we do our pedigree analysis we can rule out lots straight away if they don't fit into our categories. The ability of the mare on the track and breeding barn features extremely high on our ratings. 

Mares that couldn't run very rarely throw progeny that can. There are many who fall into the trap of breeding from slow mares because they are well bred. In fact having done thousands of hours of research it is by far the biggest red herring in the breeding game. A dead set recipe for throwing away the hard earned. 

With the sales season now in full swing we only struck the one blow at the Magic Millions January sale. In the end we landed a Wandjina filly with a nice pedigree. She has sold well but we still have shares remaining. 

She is very similar to Snicki in type and they also both carry the stud brand of Bowness Stud at Young were they where born. They are both tidy little fillies who just look like runners. 

Snicki Salutes by 3 lengths at Doomben

Easy in the End pulling away

Snicki Salutes for Massive BRT Ownership Group

Saturdays win are what dreams are made of for all of the first time owners in the superbly named Snicki Minaj. Plenty of people who have been in the racing game for decades are still chasing their first ever city winner. 


The way she finished off her race only drives home the fact she would have been in the finish on debut in the Calaway Gal Stakes had she had more luck in the straight. 

We now take it a day at a time with her as we embark on getting down to Sydney for the Inglis Classic Race on 10th February at Warwick Farm. What a week that is going to be with the Classic yearlings being the first to ever go through the amazing new complex. 

Congratulations and thank you to all of our owners across all of our horses. We hope that you all in some way felt part of Team Boom's first 2-year-old winner in the colours.

In the Mounting yard

The spoils of Victory

Our big syndicate in Snicki - Can Bar Critic


Drinking The Club's Free Beer, All 65 of us. Thanks BRC

Posing for the photo in the Enclosure, a few missing but what a thrill : Love the hand

Scone Yearling Inspections

The work on the Inglis Classic catalogue started some time ago but the last week was spent on the beautiful farms in the Hunter Valley. We were lucky to be invited on the tour as part of the Inglis Yearling inspections. 

In all we covered over 35 farms and around 350 yearlings. The experience was priceless, being able to see yearlings on their home farms is a far cry from the sales environment. 

When you go to the farms you see the real temperament of the horse as well as receive an all round nuts and bolts experience. Once they hit the sales yards all dolled up it becomes harder to sort the hay from the chaff.  

We actually came across a clone of Snicki Minaj at one of the farms and the similarities just weren't completely around the way she looked. Hopefully she falls into our price range at the sale. 

It was a great opportunity to learn, create new networks and hopefully find one that fits into the mould of horse we are looking for. With the new bonuses on offer for Inglis horses we suspect prices could go up considerably at this sale. 

In fact after seeing the type of yearling on offer the sale will no doubt he a whole heap harder to buy at this year. We hope to buy 2-3 at the sale however and we are confident we can still get nice horses at the right price.

Going to the best stud farms in the country was a thrill and we thank Inglis for the invitation to be part of the yearling parade inspections. 

The Inglis Lads including the voice of Inglis Jonathan D'arcy : centre of pic

Emirates Park : For so long the leading stud farm in Australia

Aquis farm branching into the Hunter

Outstanding facility at Cressfield

Not the flashest but had a good draft

Lovely people and maybe we get one from this draft

The Boys studying the catalogue hard

BRT in The News

2 weeks ago we managed to get the whole back page and a double page spread in the Gold Coast Bulletin, days later that spread to their affiliate newspapers and on the weekend another double page spread in the Sunday Mail. 

It is great coverage for us but at the same time you make your own luck. We have a great bunch of owners across our horses who have had some ups and downs. It definitely hasn't all been plain sailing and the way our owners have responded has made it a pleasurable experience thus far for us. 

We believe we are achieving our goals in terms of delivery and personal interaction. Scenes after Saturdays victory are what makes this Industry so special. The thrill and feeling of winning cannot be matched in any other sphere of life.



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