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BRT Christmas Tidings - Bring on the Magic Millions

24 Dec 2017


Sales time is on the door step and that signals Magic Millions time. We have now further progressed with our selections and have 2 phases to complete. We will be on the phones over the next 20 days looking to see how the 2-year-olds of the lots we have short listed are going with their respective trainers around the country. 

Once we get an idea of their ability it is onto the final stage of yearling inspections. I know a few of you guys are keen to come along with us when we are at the sales, with that in mind we will send out an email in the lead up to the sale with the times we will be carrying out the inspections. We are more than happy to have you guys as part of this process. 

Once we inspect all our lots we will then short list further and all of these will be x-rayed. These x-rays need to be clean and we are looking for 1's in all areas.

In respect to our breeding stock going through this sale we are now down to the one, this being the full brother to Ef Troop (Main Feature Pic as a 10 day old foal). Our other well bred Sebring colt will now head to the Easter Inglis Sale after being withdrawn from this sale. 

It is definitely a matter of quality rather than quantity for us. We have continually been asked this week about the price range for this colt. It is extremely hard to put a figure on him as at the moment Ef Troop is a black type winner but has not yet won the Magic Millions. If he happens to win the Millions then his price will no doubt rise. 

2 peas in a pod. Ef Troop at 3 months (top) then 2017 full sister at same age.

We wait anxiously as we get the results from his x-rays in the next week, poor x-rays result in poor prices. We have already had him x-rayed around 4 months ago and he was clean, we hope for the same this time around. 

Click on View in Your Browser at the top of your page to watch Ef Troop full brother at Eureka Stud 8th December.

Owners Day

It seems like light years away since we had our Owners Day. It was a resounding success and we thank all of those who attended for being part of the day. The highlight of the day was seeing members of the 3 syndicates represented on the day having a drink together as we were leaving. We are trying to make this a club as we have touched on before and this started to evolve throughout the day. 

As we know racehorses can be ready to go one day and in the spelling paddock the next so its great to feel part of all our horses whether that is by association or ownership. 

 Congratulations to the following prize winners on the day :

1st Prize $200 Voucher : Col Part

2nd Prize Gift Pack : Brian Pocock

3rd Prize Gift Pack : Eddy Lam

James Goves : Loves the Horses

Stable Visit

We would also like to thank those who attended the Tony's stables for the morning BBQ. It definitely gave everyone a bit of inside knowledge on Gollan Racing and also showcased the down to earth approach of the stable and it's fantastic staff. 

This was exemplified by the farrier Sheldon and master trainer Darryl Gollan cooking the BBQ whilst we were shown around the stables by Tony as he explained several aspects of the organization.

Horse Racing - For the entire family. Ef Troop the star

Monthly Owners Draw - November

Congratulations to the following monthly Owners Draw winners:

50% : Tess Goodwin

25% : Can Bar Critic Syndicate. 

As per usual these will come off your next months bill, remember all you have to do to go into the draw is pay your bill on time. Can Bar Critic will receive $300 off their bill next month so definitely worth it. 

BRT at the Races

We had 2 runners on the weekend, both at city metropolitan venues. Our first 2-year-old runner of the season Snicki Minaj performed very well in the Listed  Calaway Gal Stakes and had she more luck in the running could have had black type beside her name. In the end she was beaten by 3.1 lengths but this doesn't tell the real story of the run after being stopped in the home straight and the first part of the race being considerably quicker than that of Ef Troop in the race prior. Whilst on Ef Troop, he ran the fastest final 600m sectional of the day which when you consider there was 4 other listed races on the same day is a massive feat for a 2-year-old. 

Our other runner Onerous ran an outstanding race into 3rd at Caulfield defying the on pace bias of the day coming from last. He might have read a few stories about him in the media during the week having a go at his constitution. 

It is funny with racehorses, when we go to the yearling sales and purchase we hope we could get one as good as what Onerous has been. A horse who has paid for himself and provided the opportunity for his owners to get along to the races. Along the way our expectations rise and we end up being disappointed with a horse who years earlier would have been a dream. 

Overall we have had a couple of good weeks with the progeny of Spirit of Boom continuing to fly and our syndication horses performing well in good company. 

Onerous : Heading out on Manikato Stakes night

Snicki Minaj : Heading out for the Calaway Gal Stakes

Insight to Pedigree analysis

We thought we would take this opportunity to give you an insight into how we do our pedigree analysis. It is based on the following 4 aspects.

Mare : This plays a major part in our final selection. The questions we ask are:
  • Stallion : What stallion is she by? Stallions can be better broodmare sires than they were sires and it is best to look for mares out of the proven broodmare sires. 
  • Chemistry : Does this mare work well with this sire. Do your research and you quickly find over time what crosses work and what don't. There are always exceptions to the rule. Spirit of Boom is defying all the doubters at the moment in regards to in-breeding to Danehill. Plenty of buyers draw a line through a yearling with pedigrees the double cross appears in without looking at it. Spirit's best 2 thus far Ef Troop and Jonker are both in-bred to Danehill, though with Spirit it is in his Dams side. 
  • Age : It is like sportsmen in that a high range of children with young parents are statistically better performed. Progeny of Mares over the age of 15 generally sell cheaper than the younger mares in the sales ring. 
  • Performance : The biggest one for me. Could the mare gallop, if the answer is no then stay clear of her. There are so many impeccably bred mares in the stud book who could not run out of sight in a dark night. Breeders fall into the trap of placing too much emphasis on the pedigree rather than their race track ability, again there is an exception to every rule but you will go broke quick breeding with slow mares. We will not purchase a yearling out of a non winning mare who has raced.
  • Progeny : What has the mare already produced and what has she got to run? This is an area again that can add value to your purchase before they even hit the track. Pedigree updates for fillies in particular means you could have a highly valued commodity in years to come. Also what has the 2nd and 3rd dams got running either in their own right or through their progeny can add value to your yearling if they perform.

Limealicious : Looking over her 2017 Spirit of Boom filly. Her value in our system has doubled since Ef Troop.

Stallion : Another major factor, as it is hard to sell progeny of an out of favour or unfashionable stallion. The questions we ask are:
  • Marketability: Can we sell this stallion? The most important aspect for a syndicator is being able to sell the product. With this in mind we work through the stallions and look at trends in the market place. Is this stallion on the decline in the eyes of the buyer. On the flip side there is always 1 or 2 stallions whose progeny haven't yet performed on the race track for one reason or another who you like that you can get at a budget price because they are on the nose. Most of the ones that fall into this category are 2nd season sires. These are the ones which join your list of stallions you look to purchase.
  • Race Ability : What races did the stallion win and most importantly in the Australian market what distance was the stallion best at. Australia is about the need for speed and there are no signs suggesting this will change anytime soon. Most people want an early runner which is easier said than done as so much can go wrong with babies. 

Spirit of Boom : Setting the racing world on Fire, he will have gone on everyone's wish list.

Date of Birth : 2-year-olds

  • Early Foal : As alluded to above most owners want early running horses. The earlier they are born the more developed they are and therefore can start the education process earlier. Statistics show that Group 1 winners range across a series of months but the statistics are higher for 2-year-old winners who are born in August and September.  
Foal Number : Not as important as the top 3 factors. 
  • Statistically over time the first few foals are the best. That being said this years Group 1 winners ranged from being the 1st foal all the way to the 13th. 
As you can see the first 2 elements of our pedigree analysis are subjective whilst the last 2 are based on fact. 


Finally to our database, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to a safe and fulfilling New Year. To our valuable owners we look to the next 12 months with you guys at our side to ride the highs and lows with great anticipation. We appreciate your support and look forward to building relationships and friendships as we endeavor to grow our business. 

We hope we have delivered thus far and you guys feel part of TEAM BOOM. 

All the Best. 

BRT : For the Ultimate Racehorse Ownership Experience.

Andrew, Jeremy, Karen and Peta. 

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